Earn 1% daily profits

Is it possible to earn 1% daily profits a day? Unfortunately high interest payments on our bank accounts is a thing of the past. Is there a possibility to invest my money and have a good return.

Around me I hear people saying that the Rich Keep Getting Richer. I am an entrepreneur who has spent a fortune trying to find an opportunity that would do exactly what it states.

I have been a victim of the multiple online high yield investment programs (hyips) too. The HYIP promised mid-ranged to ridiculous interest payments. However, one of the programs stopped when I deposited money. I began to search for other legitimate investments. Opportunities that would allow the smaller investor a chance to participate.

I read about traders whom sell options. They know that options will decay every day. And when they are out of the money at the last day, they will expire worthless. With this knowledge is possible to make a living?


Can selling options provide the leverage

Can trading provide a return of 1% daily profits I desired? I am sure that you can make much money with trading. So, I started to with investing in stocks. I made some good trades and some bad trades. Net, net I didn’t make much money. Then I paid for a promising advisory service.

After a year I didn’t see big results but I wanted to give them another year. And when that year came to an end I didn’t have the breakthrough I have hoped for. But I still got searching, and I found a  financial network which completely differs from everything else. Tasty Trade Network is seen on the internet during trading hours. You can see everything what they do live on the web. They have a complete different approach.

What I have discovered is that by learning from them and applying their principles I have far more better success than ever before.


The challenge

The challenge is to make 1% profit a day looks huge but is doable with options Trading. I learned about selling options for premium. I learned that some people make 1% return of capital per day.

My broker did not have all the tools I needed.  I needed a platform that shows Implied Volatility of options.  I’ll think that Think or Swim platform is one of the best. TOS has all the necessarily tools a trader could wish.

I discovered that I could make a good return by selling Options and receive option premium. It is necessarily to select the right kind of options and to manage winners. What you need know to discover how you can reach your goal of one percent per day. I will show you how to do it.

Traders who sell options collect option premium. A fundamental component of option pricing is the time remaining until expiration. The more time remaining until expiration the more the higher the premium priced into the option. there is a natural decay in the value of this time premium as the options nears expiration. We call this time decay, premium decay or theta decay. Short options profit with the passage of time as premium is collected. When you sold options you are short option and you have a positive theta decay.

We need to be aware of theta decay and set-up trades to take advantage of its nature. As a general guideline we try to build a portfolio that on average creates of 1% theta decay per day.

This means is that if we are trading with an account that has $25.000 in capital, we should be looking to collect $25 theta decay per day on our entire portfolio.

You might consider to take advantage of theta decay selling Spreads or Iron Condors.


Video on creating 1% Theta Decay per day

Watch how Tom and Tony explaining the challenge. They will show you how you can reach your goal 1% per day.



If you like to see how we work out the challenge read the article Create 1 % Theta Decay