Options Traders Beginners Mistakes


It is an exciting feeling to trade in the markets, whether it is part time to build additional wealth or as a full time trader. It is even more exciting once you find a couple of strategies that work for you and you start to produce some winning trades. You start to have more confidence as a trader, start to get in a rhythm with the markets, and get the rush of the market. It is at this time that beginning traders typically make their biggest mistakes, especially with options. I know I have made them!

However, they are here to walk through some mistakes that many new traders make and how to avoid. They focus on 5 main things to avoid:

  • Not Using Probabilities: We use probablities as our bread and butter, ignoring these rules can be harmful to new traders. Understanding delta will benefit you much
  • Trading Illiquid Underlyings: Getting in and out of trades is much harder with illiquid stocks. Additionally, traders may not be filled at the price they want.
  • Legging In and Out of Trades: When trying to place positions with multiple options, we avoid executing one option at a time to make sure we end up with the position we wanted.
  • Misunderstanding Sizing: Understanding trade size is crucial to successful trading, getting too big too quickly is a fast way to end a trading career!
  • Buying Out-Of-The-Money Options: Circling back to probabilities, these are low probability trades. tastytrade Research has shown time and again that these strategies rarely work. Selling options for option premium will give you an advantage.

Tune in to hear the industry veterans, Tom and Tony, run through their take on these potential Newbie mistakes.


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