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To become a professional you need to get experience, know the risks and execute your trades exactly according to your plan, and you need to become better after each trade.
There is one thing a Professional Trader and an investor have in common and that is that they all have a trading plan. It describes exactly what to do in which situation. After all, trading is stressful enough. Over time, it is far better to follow a consistent plan and slowly tweak that plan as you back test your results. A key aspect to every trade plan then has to function like a constitution. In other words, it will require an amendment to change it.

That does not mean a trade plan is etched in stone and subject to never changing. Every plan has to follow the design development process like any other product development. It requires an experimental stage, a prototype stage, a testing stage, then a release stage.

Adjust Trading PlanTrading Plan

A trading plan describes exactly your goal and how you are going to reach it. How do you need to adjust your trades when the market does not accommodates you and when do you take profits.

Nonetheless, there should also be an evaluation stage every once in a while to measure performance; and that’s merely reflected in your equity curve, the only curve that really counts.

It has been said by more than one that good trading is boring trading, at least in the moment. Your goal should be to make your trading that boring; in other words, easy. It also has to become literally a part of your nature; in other words, automatic in thinking and action.

A trading plan is just like a rule book that includes all the information on how a trader trades. Having a solid trading plan will ensure a trader is consistent in their trading and follow their rules. The plan outlines how your business runs and operates. On the flowing article you see an excerpt of a trading plan

Besides a trading plan traders are also looking to improve their trading skills.


Improve your Trading skills

The articles written on selloptionspremium.com will help you to improve your trading skills in many ways. Whatever you do you need to know why and how you put trade on. One of the most important things to do is evaluating your trading style.

Using a trading journal is very important for a trader to improve your skills. Keep a detailed record of your strategies, number of contracts, probability of profit, etc. You can also record which trading decisions you took.

A Journal or Diary is not just a place where you keep your trading results recorded, as it is much more than that. If you are trading a particular method, you may wish to describe how it works in detail for future reference, and also for the recording of any modifications to the method as you go. You may also wish to record the details of your money management plan and also adjustments to that as you go.


Stay focused

Profitable traders understand the importance to stick to their trading system. They understand that it is possible to have a string of losses. It is part of the the game. Traders that have success do not lose sight of their goals. They keep on focused on get as much of wining trades as possible instead of taking huge risks for occasional high profits.

We typically choose to set up high probability trades, which have a <60% probability of  profit. It is important to know when-to-take-profits because you don´t want a winner turn into a looser.



Create a trading plan and stick to it. In times of trouble you can can look to your plan and you exactly know what to do.

Take every week some time to review your trading actions. You will see if you focus on  winning rates rather on profit that your trading skills improve very much.

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