How do you benefit from Options Delta

benefit from Option Delta

Today, we are going to look at the Greek parameter Option Delta. Traders use options Delta in several ways. Learn how to benefit from Option Delta.

Delta values can be positive or negative depending on the type of option. The delta for a call option ranges from 0 to 1. When the underlying asset increases in price, call options increase in price. Put option deltas always range from -1 to 0 because as the underlying security increases, the value of put options decrease. Let us look at a put option that has a delta of -0.25. If the price of the underlying asset increases by $1, the price of the put option will decrease by $0.25.

Delta as share equivalent

And the delta number will tell you the equivalent in stocks. An option position with +25 deltas has similar directional risk as a 25 stocks. Positions that are out of the money have different delta than at the money options. And in the money options has more delta’s.

option delta as share equivilent


An option position with 25 delta has a similar directional risk as a stock position of +25 deltas. For example if you sell 25 delta put and the price of the underlying drops 1 dollar your loss will be $25.


Different Deltas


Delta and Probabilities

We sell options so that we receive option premium. We like to know in advance how likely it is that we enter a winning trade. It is determined at the trade entry.  It all depends on strike selection by choosing options with the right options delta. Selling options with the right delta will help you to increase the probability of profit.

Traders that sell options can create positions with desired probability of profit. When you Sell an option with 32 delta option you have a 68% change to keep the options premium.


Delta and Direction

Delta estimates the amount a position should gain or lose with a 1-point change in the underlying price. Understanding delta, is critical to the management of risk in a portfolio.

  • Strategies with positive delta profit from increases in the underlying. 
  • While strategies with negative delta the profit from decreases in the underlying.

Delta Profit and Loss

If you are short 50 delta with a $1 decrease in price you make 50 dollar. If you are short 100 delta with a $1 decrease in price you make 100 dollar.


Negative Deltas complement short Implied Volatility If the Market falls IV rises, it helps long IV. And since we are short IV and our short delta helps our overall position.

Delta and Volatilty


Source: Delta & Direction

Negative deltas complement short implied volatility positions. This is the way we trade. We are short Implied Volatility and have negative Delta. For e.g. If the market falls, volatility rises this helps long Implied Volatility and it hurts short IV. Short Delta helps our overall position.



Delta is the option Greek that represent an option directional risk

Option position with positive delta profit from increases in the underlying price, while positions with negative delta profit from decreases in the underlying price.

In the money option have the most directional risk, out-of-the-money options have the least directional risk.