How to Profit from Option Premium Decay

Option Premium

Option Premium is the price you have received or paid to acquire an option. Options  opens the door for big profits. It also helps you to prevent losses. And, unlike actually buying shares you can obtain a significant position in the stock little capital. Selling options with high Option Premium is another way to profit from option trading. The basic […]

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Earn 1% daily profits

Is it possible to earn 1% daily profits a day? Unfortunately high interest payments on our bank accounts is a thing of the past. Is there a possibility to invest my money and have a good return. Around me I hear people saying that the Rich Keep Getting Richer. I am an entrepreneur who has spent a fortune trying to […]

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Collect Option Premium in every market condition

Would you like to collect option premium, that is to earn money regardless whether the market is going up down or sideways?  We will describe how to use two complementary strategies for collecting short term money. We start the strategy with selling a put spread. We do that time after time until we got assigned. Then we apply our second […]

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