Sell Options with high Implied Volatility

For People who are Selling Option Premium, High Implied Volatility is very important. Options are more expensive than normal and they return to then mean easily. Traders can make money when the stock movers but as well when it moves up and down and returns to its original price. Stock Markets, Stock Option, Futures and commodities are moving all the […]

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Which Stock Options to Trade

create a watchlist

Why should you create a watchlist of stock options? There are thousands of stocks. It is impossible to monitor closely all of them. What stocks would you like to invest in? Successful traders restrict their attention to a small number of stocks. They enter the stocks in a watch-list. How to create a Watch list Today there are thousands different […]

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What determines the Option Price and Value

There are several factors that determine the option price of a contract. Most traders are trying to take advantage of directional moves in the underlying stock, and that is the primary driver of the price of an options contract, especially its intrinsic value. But the extrinsic value of an option, also known as its time value, is affected by time […]

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