Best way to sell a put spread

With selling a naked put there is more risk and a lot of buying power reduction, you rather sell a put spread. People sell a put so that you receive option premium. They hope that the option will expire worthless or that you can buy it back for a smaller prise. A put spread is created when you sell a […]

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Vertical Spreads Explained

vertical spread

What is a Vertical Spread A vertical spread is a limited risk strategy, it involves selling a call option in the money and buying another call option out of the money. Both has the same expiration date, but with a different strike. You can create vertical spread with calls and or puts. Advantages of vertical spreads Vertical spread offer advantages […]

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Trading Vertical Option Spread

A very lucrative way to get income from options on a regular basis is by selling vertical call or vertical put spreads. They are also known as credit spreads. Vertical spreads are simple to apply and to analyze. But the greatest asset of a vertical spread is that it allows you to choose your probability of success for each and […]

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