When to take profit or losses

take profit is key to trading

Managing Winners Let your winners run is an often heard statement in the financial world. What if the trades turns. Is it better to take profit, so you won’t end up with a looser? When do you take profit? Is there a method or criteria where you can determine that you have enough? I mean who ever has enough, right? […]

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Key to success is Managing Winners

While selling options for premium will help you improve your probabilities of profit, managing winners will be equally important. Trading once a month is not enough to let the probabilities work for you, you need to trade often. You will setup the trade in a consistent manner and takeing aproximitedly the same risk in every trade. Have you ever heard of […]

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How To Be Successful at Options Trading

Options trading can deliver significant rewards, particularly as you begin to build both your confidence and your capital. Learn how to be successful at options trading with selling option premium and put up the right strategies. You can set up trades with a high success rate. With each successful trade you begin to build both confidence and your Capital.  Unfortunately, […]

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