More chance of winning with Options

People look at the options world as a high-risk gambling game, not knowing the winning odds. Like taking your money to a casino and have not much chance to win. Some people may be lucky but most people will loose their money. Take your chances on a low percentage outcome where the house has a constant advantage, let the chips […]

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How to Setup Winning Trades

Is there a way to set up Winning Trades? There are many people who do make much money in the markets, and it’s not just because they have had a good run. How do we get the odds in our favour? Firstly we are selling options with enough premium and high probability of profit. It results in being profitable in […]

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When to take profit or losses

take profit is key to trading

Managing Winners Let your winners run is an often heard statement in the financial world. What if the trades turns. Is it better to take profit, so you won’t end up with a looser? When do you take profit? Is there a method or criteria where you can determine that you have enough? I mean who ever has enough, right? […]

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